What is DealDeal Canada?

DealDeal Canada is the ultimate one-stop business and discount directory for Canadian consumers. It features all sorts of discounts, special offers, events, restaurant menus, and more, plus puts you in touch with trusted Canadian professionals in your local area.

Consumers can easily access and browse all their promotions by category. They also have access to view the details of the companies under the profile section, which shows who has published the promotions, events, and deals.

This website is uniquely designed for the promotion of Canada and is a place for everyone, from those who seek promotion to marketing teams looking for a platform to promote anything.

Our team of experts finds the best deals every day, ensuring they beat any other options available. We have a systematic process in place to make sure we are finding the best prices on the market.

If you are looking for promotions, we have different portals for companies listed under various categories, displaying their promotions, discounts, deals, and events.

If you want to promote your deal, we have login portals for each organization, allowing you to upload promotions from your side. You have the freedom to choose which promotions to showcase and the number of dates they will be on the website. You can decide the entire marketing campaign.


To get started and find out additional information on how to promote with us, please contact us by phone or email.: