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  • Restaurant Website Design and SEO
    iCreative Work , Oshawa

    Restaurant Website Design and SEO

    Your restaurant's online presence matters now more than ever. At iCreative Work, we specialize in crafting mouthwatering websites that showcase the essence of your culinary delights. Whether you're a cozy café, a fine dining establishment, or a trendy bistro, we have the perfect recipe for your online success.

  • Task and Project Management Software for Accounting Firms in Canada
    iCreative Work , Oshawa

    Task and Project Management Software for Accounting Firms in Canada

    Cliffox Task management software helps accountants stay organized by keeping track of everything that needs to be done. It also allows them to prioritize their workload to focus on the most important tasks first.

    You Can Manage All Tasks at Once.

    If you use an accounting firm, you probably know how difficult it can be to manage all the tasks that come with running a business. Accountancy firms typically have multiple clients who require different services, and several people are usually involved in completing those tasks.

    With Cliffox task management software, you can set deadlines for each task so you can stay organized and focused. This helps you avoid procrastination and ensure that you meet your deadlines.

    Also, you will see how much work you have completed and what still needs to be done. It also lets you view the status of each task at any given moment.

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    Why Cliffox?

    1. Assign projects, tasks, and track the time spent on each client file by staff members.

    2. Receive alerts for upcoming task deadlines.

    3. Track tasks and deadlines to allocate resources across multiple projects using a single dashboard efficiently.

    4. Monitor and track the time for projects and tasks.

    5. Client's WSIB, HST, Bookkeeping, Year-End and Tslips filing (T4, T4A, T5 etc) Reminder.

    6. Recording staff timesheets with second-by-second activity logging.

    7. Generate client invoices with just one click by tracking employees' productive hours at work.

    8. Multiple users can access the centralized database.

    9. Security access levels are assigned to each user account.

    10. Data storage options to choose from local storage to network.


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