Mr. Sub Canada 2024 Deal of The Day Menu

Discover the Delicious Mr. Sub Canada Deal of The Day Menu for 2024

Are you a sandwich lover in search of new and exciting flavours? Look no further than Mr. Sub Canada's Deal of The Day menu for 2024! This menu features a variety of mouth-watering options that will satisfy any craving. Keep reading to learn more about what's on the menu.

Monday - Grilled Chicken $6.59(Small) $9.59(Large) 
Start your week with a delicious grilled chicken sandwich.

Tuesday - Smoked Meat $6.59(Small) $9.59(Large) 
If you're a fan of savoury meat, then the Smoked Meat sandwich is perfect for you. 

Wednesday - Louisiana Pepper Chicken $6.59(Small) $9.59(Large) 
Spice up your hump day with the Louisiana Pepper Chicken sandwich.

Thursday - Meatball $6.59(Small) $9.59(Large) 
The Meatball sandwich is a hearty option for those looking for something filling and delicious. 

Friday - Tuna or Seafood $6.59(Small) $9.59(Large) 
Looking for a lighter option? Try the Tuna or Seafood sandwich.

Saturday - Turkey $6.59(Small) $9.59(Large) 
The Turkey sandwich is a classic that never goes out of style. 

Sunday - Spicy Breaded Chicken $6.59(Small) $9.59(Large) 
End your week on a spicy note with the Spicy Breaded Chicken sandwich.

Please note that the Mr. Sub Canada Deal of The Day menu is subject to change without prior notice. Make sure to check with your local Mr. Sub location for the most up-to-date menu offerings.


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